Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Building a Linux Powered Multi-copter from Scratch


I purchased my first quadcopter about 6 years ago, back in the heyday of MultiWii. I flew it a few times, crashed it a few times, and it was fun for a little while, but my model lacked GPS, WiFi, and stabilized video, so it ended up sitting on a basement shelf for a few years.

Fast forward to fall 2017, where two things came together. One, I was able to get my hands on an Intel Aero RTF. This is a very powerful computing package on "wings." And two, the Beaglebone Blue came to my attention. It didn't take me long to come up a burning question...."I wonder if I can get the Beaglebone to do most of the stuff the Aero does?"

Let's find out!

Here is my syllabus for the next few blog posts. I'll try to match my normal development progression: get something working and then tweak it for performance.

  1. Component Details
  2. Initial Board Bring-up
  3. Flight Control Software
  4. Ground Tests
  5. Mavlink Improvements
  6. Boot Time Improvements

Stay tuned for Component Details...coming up after a short break.

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